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The student news site of Westside High School.

Westside Wired


Westside Wired is the student-run online publication for Westside High School in Omaha, Neb., and is part of Westside Journalism, which encompasses four other publications. This site and its staff of 11 aim to bring timely, accurate and ethically sound reports to students, teachers, parents and more of the Westside Community.

Westside Wired was created in 2010 by a team of six ambitious high schoolers, including editor-in-chief Molly Gilinsky, and since then has grown in size and readership. Today, the site averages upward of 130,000 unique page views per month and is updated daily.

The site houses Westside Journalism’s video publication WTV, magazine CRAZE and electronic copies of the newspaper the Lance. Each publication, along with Westside Journalism’s yearbook Shield, has its own section on the site, so feel free to check out work from each publication.

Westside Wired also has a social media presence. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine @westsidewired.

If you’d like to share story ideas or have editorial concerns, please email Editor-in-Chief Dana Cox or Abby Lang or email or call adviser Jerred Zegelis or Tim Kaldahl at [email protected] and [email protected], or call 402-343-2650. You may also contact us by tweeting at our account.

Reader response is welcomed in the form of letters to the editor. Letters should be less than 300 words, signed by the author and emailed to the editor-in-chief. Names may be withheld upon special request. Westside Wired editors will decide whether to honor such requests.

The Westside Wired editorial staff reserves the right to edit letters for clarity and grammatical errors. The editorial staff also reserves the right to not publish any letters that are libelous or contain non-factual information.

For advertising information, email or call editors Abby Lang or Dana Cox.

All images, videos and stories are the property of Westside Community Schools. Any republication of any materials must have the written consent of Westside Community Schools.


Westside High School student media provide complete and accurate coverage, journalistically responsible, ethically gathered, edited and reported. Student-determined expression promotes democratic citizenship through public engagement diverse in both ideas and representation.

The following staff mission statements also INCLUDE the overall unified mission statement.

Lance: 1)The Lance fulfills the journalistic responsibility of being a watchdog for the student body.  They hold the district and community accountable by writing well researched articles about the the district with a focus on Westside High School.  2) The Lance goes in-depth into stories that impact the student body, providing entertainment, clarity and enlightenment about the world the students live.
Craze: Craze magazine is the student life publication of Westside High School.  It focuses on in-depth narrative stories about the student body.  2) Craze magazine also provides news and information about the world of entertainment, including fashion, video games, music and more.
Shield: The Shield yearbook’s primary function is to serve as a public record of every student in the district.  It attempts to cover the entire breadth of the high school experience in a yearly publication.
Wired: Wired is updated daily and constantly to provide news, entertainment, insight, and opinion to the student body.  1) Wired publishes and works to promote the work of all journalists and publications in the program.  2) Wired serves as the hub for all publications – all flights land and depart here.
WTV: WTV is responsible for all video content seen on Wired by providing news, entertainment, insight and opinion in various video formats.


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The student news site of Westside High School.