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School district responds to alleged threat

October 6, 2017

This week District 66 sent out a vague notice to students and parents alerting them of a potentially viable threat made against Westside and other schools in the Omaha metro that has now been deemed a hoax.

The threat was made earlier in the week via text message, and was sent to several students attending Westside and other Omaha schools including North High School and Bellevue West. These texts included warnings of an alleged active shooter within the school districts, claiming that schools “had no way of keeping everyone safe.” The messages were eventually traced back to an unidentified Californian phone number, a prime reason the ordeal was later declared a scam.

Officer Killgore, who works within Westside and with law enforcement, wasn’t pressed by the threat.

“We advise students to be vigilant and report things they see going on,” he says. “We have a whole protocol between the district, the superintendent, and law enforcement to deal with possible threats.”

Since the threats were proved a hoax, Westside will continue to operate normally. If you hear about any threats to the school, be sure to report it to a school official.

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