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Laptop cases arrive later than expected

October 5, 2017

You may have heard that Westside High School students are all getting laptop cases through the school this year. The cases were supposed to come in August so students could have them right when they got their computers. I interviewed Michael Sanchez who is the IT manager for the high school and junior Ashley Summers.

“We ordered [the cases] in August and they neglected to tell us that they were back ordered,” Sanchez said

Some parents and students have complained to Sanchez about the cases being so late. He told those people you have to take care of your computer like you would any other technology device. Many students I have talked to don’t really care about the cases.

“We always just get new laptops anyways,” Summers said. “No one cares about the cases”

The laptop cases are supposed to arrive in late October. Once the cases arrive, students will keep them on their laptops and they will stay on through this year and next year.

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