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Art and engineering students build desks for Oakdale

February 22, 2017

You can hear the gears grinding as engineering, architecture and art students begin brainstorming designs. The students have been waiting for this real-life opportunity. Engineering and technology students have been given the opportunity to take part in a big project. Head architect for the new Oakdale building, Vanessa Schutte, proposed a project for high school students.

“The project is students will design and construct a reception desk for the Oakdale elementary library, using materials that were salvaged from the original Oakdale elementary school,” head architecture and engineering teacher Gregory Ratliff said.

This project was brought about because Schutte wanted to incorporate the community into the project. Schutte asked the high school if some students would want to take part in it. Following her request, multiple students stepped forward to take on the challenge. Each student has multiple teachers to help them with the project, but this is mostly a project that the students must complete on their own.

“[This project] is going to benefit the community,” Ratliff said. “They get a little history in their school. Students involved in construction will have a piece of heritage that they are able to work with.”
The desks will be around thirteen to eighteen feet in length. Despite the size of the project, Ratliff is certain that his students can take on the challenge.

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